Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Whew, winter just flew by. I'm excited to get back into the sing of things and wanted to give everyone a little update on my whereabouts..
The workaholic in me knew we had to make some money if I wanted to play golf this season..so i've been working...working hard!!
I currently have 5 jobs! Yes, 5 different employers... and that's not counting my self-employment as a professional golfer.
I know they say the economy is bad and there are no jobs, and i'm sorry I guess I took them all huh!
I currently work at:
Katana- A sushi bar in Del Mar
Carmel Mtn Ranch CC- bartender
SoftSpikes Certified Product Specialist
Bring the Pros
and Play Golf Designs

I hope to play in a few events this summer and hopefully Q school if I find the funds!
I am still looking for any sponsorship help as well so I can stop working so much and follow my dreams
:) Thanks to everyone who have supported me so far! I will do my best to get back out there on tour!