Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2014 full status on Symetra Tour

The past few years have been a journey for me. I have worked over 7 part-time jobs trying to provide for myself while trying to nurture my passion for the game of golf. Oftentimes I found myself in the position where I had to step away from the game. This happened in college for 2 years when I naively thought I could just walk onto a division 1 champion team. Again after college and was faced with student loans and no money to pay them, and again after not winning big break like I thought was my only option to pursue a tour career. This time away from golf was extremely hard, but as much as I thought it hurt my game at the time, it always launched my desire and passion for tour life tenfold. One step back, two steps forward is the pace I tend to gravitate toward I guess. I knew I had untapped potential and this desire to play golf as my career wouldnt go away and instead it kept growing as I placed my future in God's hands. I told myself I could win a million dollars on THE Amazing Race and sponsor myself, but my sister and I were the first off. After this "failure" I actually started looking at these opportunities differently, instead of putting so much pressure on myself to win, I told myself to just keep walking through the doors that God opens for me. I ended up gaining a positive attitude that I could do anything I set my mind so and instead of being afraid of what I could lose, I started looking at what i could gain, even if it is just the experience, I had at this point realized how valuable each experience really is. I quit my jobs and focused my energy into putting myself into a more positive environment, and worked on my game without knowing where the next opportunity would be or how I would afford it. I kept playing with friends around town who kept me encouraged, traded my golf coach Dennis Sheehy lesson hours for babysitting hours, and kept walking through the doors that were held open for me. I am happy to announce my first full time season on tour this year! I have a fantastic support from Xcell sports management, and a new sponsor Katherine Cosmetics. I am going to show you the drive of a First Tee kid, and this passion that has been cultivated by years of "failures" and lessons learned. I am finally ready and could not be more ecstatic! Thank you to all who have supported me and believed in me! This is only the beginning! :) Team Tanaka! "Not having anything makes us appreciate everything" "Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Whew, winter just flew by. I'm excited to get back into the sing of things and wanted to give everyone a little update on my whereabouts..
The workaholic in me knew we had to make some money if I wanted to play golf this season..so i've been working...working hard!!
I currently have 5 jobs! Yes, 5 different employers... and that's not counting my self-employment as a professional golfer.
I know they say the economy is bad and there are no jobs, and i'm sorry I guess I took them all huh!
I currently work at:
Katana- A sushi bar in Del Mar
Carmel Mtn Ranch CC- bartender
SoftSpikes Certified Product Specialist
Bring the Pros
and Play Golf Designs

I hope to play in a few events this summer and hopefully Q school if I find the funds!
I am still looking for any sponsorship help as well so I can stop working so much and follow my dreams
:) Thanks to everyone who have supported me so far! I will do my best to get back out there on tour!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Futures Qualifying- Winter Haven, FL

I am in Florida for Futures Tour qualifying! I'm excited to be here and get the chance to play...and I feel ready. First round is tmrw and I play Ridgewood Lakes @ 9:14. Finished a practice round there today so I feel well prepared I just have to relax and execute!
If I do well this week I'll be playing a full schedule this year in attempt to place top 10 and earn my LPGA tour card. FUN!
I'm having a great time, staying with a good friend who is also playing in the event and we were lucky enough to have some fun while we're out here. We joined up with a few friends and checked out Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios last night! Sooo Scary but SOOO much fun!! :)
I like Florida! Hope the course will like me tmrw and give me all the good bounces!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Won My First Pro Event Today!

Golden State Tour- Temecula Creek Inn - 3 Day Event (75- 70 - 71)

I had a great time on the course today. It was a perfect day in Temecula, not too hot because the wind kept it nice and cool. Didn't like the wind so much on certain holes, but overall was able to control the ball.
Pretty much, I just stayed in the moment and took it shot by shot. I didn't get angry once, and when I hit a bad shot, I just took an extra swing and reminded myself of what I had wanted to do, and how to swing the RIGHT way.
My friend Lacey actually helped me alot this past week because she knew I was a wreck about my game. I had lost confidence in a few aspects and just needed someone to remind me of a few key fundamentals that I could focus on to get me through the round. She emailed her golf coach, Leigh, and upon reviewing my swing, Leigh was able to give me two or three pointers that really helped me out a alot!
What were they you ask? It seems obvious, but time and time again we are told posture, setup and alignment are the key fundamentals to a good swing. Well, I knew this...I just didn't know what about it I was doing wrong...or more importantly, what would be the best and most effective way to make it right. Leigh got right down to it and gave me a key tip for my grip, knee bend/ posture, and forearm that allowed me to set up with these things in mind and from there just hit the ball. Anyways, shoutout to the two awesome ladies Leigh and Lacey for their help!
It felt good to post a few rounds in the red during a tournament though...I could really get used to this :P I'm looking forward to my next event...crossing my fingers, odds are looking good for the Syracuse, NY futures event next week :)
More to post later when I win that one ;)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I`m learning French!...or at least trying to!
I am at the Canadian CN tour event at Rivermead Golf Club in Ottowa and everyone speaks French here! It`s a really cool language and so far, I`ve learned how to say how are you `cama sa va`, good shot `bon ku` or `c`bon` and sometimes if you hit a really good shot they say `c` magnifique`:)
I had a ton of fun at this event, and stayed with a host family that was very nice! My caddy was amazing and helped me with local knowlege of the course and toted my heavy bag around, THANKS KEN! I played okay, but it wasn`t reflected in my scores. Shot 75-76 with so many birdie opportunities it was ridiculous. I definitely am going to really start grinding out my short game, because really, if you can get up and down from anywhere, the birdies will fall and things will happen.
It started to rain a little...actually A LOT, and play was suspended because of `dangerous conditions`. In those situations they blow a horn and you have to mark your golf ball with a marker or tee and head to the clubhouse because the storm brings lightning.
Anyways, the storm passed and we were able to continue play and finish up a wonderfully run event with the CN tour. I am looking forward to playing these events next year!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July was fun! Now down to business! Playing golf then watching the Big Break tonight! It's kind of crazy how I know what's gonna happen but I can't tell anyone the results or anything...and I'm always curious to see if the results end up changing or they flip it in editing somehow haha! Enjoying the day.  Xoxo  ohh and check your local dicks sporting goods! These big break posters are up!! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BIG BREAK: Episode 1

That's pretty much all I was thinking about that whole day in the Bahamas...I don't want to go home....I can't go home...ON THE FIRST DAY! YIKES!
Being on the show and having so much on the line, with cameras recording your every move really made me nervous and anxious and you could tell by the fact that I could barely swing the golf club! This was the MOST NERVOUS I've ever been in my whole life!! What an adrenaline high!
The pressure of having ONE shot to prove yourself was immense, and there were a million things running through my mind, where there should have only been one "get the ball close." The whole placing the ball and trying to hit a pitch shot cold, after waiting for a goof amount of time was not really workin for me, but thankfully I was able to get back into "golfing mode" during the elimination challenge. Not many people realize this, but there's a tempo and rhythm to playing a smooth round of golf and that's what I was lacking in the first two challenges. The fact that the elimination challenge was actually more like playing a hole of golf helped out with this, and set up much better for me!
Anyways, even though I knew the outcome, just watching the show last night had me relive those feelings of nervousness and excitement all over again. The nervousness leading to the pressure of getting into the elimination challenge on the first day, combined with the satisfaction of making it through the day, simply defines what it's like to play professional golf.
....at the end of the day...tanking the first two challenges and getting one last shot to prove myself and save myself from elimination...well, at least it made for an exciting show! I know I almost gave my parents a heart attack, but you guys knew I had it in the bag all the way, right?! ;)
See you next week on Monday night! ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Just had an amazing and fun photo shoot with Danny Heilprin at Mt. Woodson! The photos are posted on his website here and I put some up on my facebook page
The Big Break Sandals world Premier is tomorrow!! SOO EXCITED i can barely sleep!!
Be sure to tune in Monday Nights at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific (my time) on the Golf Channel!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Break Sandals Golf Channel Website is up!!

Woo-Hoo!! the Big Break Sandals Website is up and running and there are a few bonus videos and features you can check out!!
Let me know what you think!!
I'm super excited!! It's like I'm back on the island again and ready to play!! the nerves, which are now converted from not knowing what to expect to not knowing how what happened will come off on television...this kind of nervousness is what keeps the blood pumpin!
can't wait til the premier on June 21!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Post!

This is my official First Post!
I'm excited to be able to keep all my family, friends, and fans updated about my whereabouts as I pursue the dream of becoming a touring LPGA professional. I have some big things coming up so keep checking back in here and i'll be posting my thoughts, accomplishments, and whatever else that might come up in the life of a professional golfer trying to make it.
If you would like to learn a little more about me check out My Website
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