Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BIG BREAK: Episode 1

That's pretty much all I was thinking about that whole day in the Bahamas...I don't want to go home....I can't go home...ON THE FIRST DAY! YIKES!
Being on the show and having so much on the line, with cameras recording your every move really made me nervous and anxious and you could tell by the fact that I could barely swing the golf club! This was the MOST NERVOUS I've ever been in my whole life!! What an adrenaline high!
The pressure of having ONE shot to prove yourself was immense, and there were a million things running through my mind, where there should have only been one "get the ball close." The whole placing the ball and trying to hit a pitch shot cold, after waiting for a goof amount of time was not really workin for me, but thankfully I was able to get back into "golfing mode" during the elimination challenge. Not many people realize this, but there's a tempo and rhythm to playing a smooth round of golf and that's what I was lacking in the first two challenges. The fact that the elimination challenge was actually more like playing a hole of golf helped out with this, and set up much better for me!
Anyways, even though I knew the outcome, just watching the show last night had me relive those feelings of nervousness and excitement all over again. The nervousness leading to the pressure of getting into the elimination challenge on the first day, combined with the satisfaction of making it through the day, simply defines what it's like to play professional golf.
....at the end of the day...tanking the first two challenges and getting one last shot to prove myself and save myself from elimination...well, at least it made for an exciting show! I know I almost gave my parents a heart attack, but you guys knew I had it in the bag all the way, right?! ;)
See you next week on Monday night! ;)

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  1. I really enjoyed the first show and look forward to the rest! I have watched this show from the first year it premiered. I cannot imagine how hard it is to perform these one shot contests with cameras and the pressure added on. You have a great swing and proved it in the elimination challenge. Good luck and enjoy the show!