Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I`m learning French!...or at least trying to!
I am at the Canadian CN tour event at Rivermead Golf Club in Ottowa and everyone speaks French here! It`s a really cool language and so far, I`ve learned how to say how are you `cama sa va`, good shot `bon ku` or `c`bon` and sometimes if you hit a really good shot they say `c` magnifique`:)
I had a ton of fun at this event, and stayed with a host family that was very nice! My caddy was amazing and helped me with local knowlege of the course and toted my heavy bag around, THANKS KEN! I played okay, but it wasn`t reflected in my scores. Shot 75-76 with so many birdie opportunities it was ridiculous. I definitely am going to really start grinding out my short game, because really, if you can get up and down from anywhere, the birdies will fall and things will happen.
It started to rain a little...actually A LOT, and play was suspended because of `dangerous conditions`. In those situations they blow a horn and you have to mark your golf ball with a marker or tee and head to the clubhouse because the storm brings lightning.
Anyways, the storm passed and we were able to continue play and finish up a wonderfully run event with the CN tour. I am looking forward to playing these events next year!!

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