Friday, July 23, 2010

Won My First Pro Event Today!

Golden State Tour- Temecula Creek Inn - 3 Day Event (75- 70 - 71)

I had a great time on the course today. It was a perfect day in Temecula, not too hot because the wind kept it nice and cool. Didn't like the wind so much on certain holes, but overall was able to control the ball.
Pretty much, I just stayed in the moment and took it shot by shot. I didn't get angry once, and when I hit a bad shot, I just took an extra swing and reminded myself of what I had wanted to do, and how to swing the RIGHT way.
My friend Lacey actually helped me alot this past week because she knew I was a wreck about my game. I had lost confidence in a few aspects and just needed someone to remind me of a few key fundamentals that I could focus on to get me through the round. She emailed her golf coach, Leigh, and upon reviewing my swing, Leigh was able to give me two or three pointers that really helped me out a alot!
What were they you ask? It seems obvious, but time and time again we are told posture, setup and alignment are the key fundamentals to a good swing. Well, I knew this...I just didn't know what about it I was doing wrong...or more importantly, what would be the best and most effective way to make it right. Leigh got right down to it and gave me a key tip for my grip, knee bend/ posture, and forearm that allowed me to set up with these things in mind and from there just hit the ball. Anyways, shoutout to the two awesome ladies Leigh and Lacey for their help!
It felt good to post a few rounds in the red during a tournament though...I could really get used to this :P I'm looking forward to my next event...crossing my fingers, odds are looking good for the Syracuse, NY futures event next week :)
More to post later when I win that one ;)

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