Monday, November 1, 2010

Futures Qualifying- Winter Haven, FL

I am in Florida for Futures Tour qualifying! I'm excited to be here and get the chance to play...and I feel ready. First round is tmrw and I play Ridgewood Lakes @ 9:14. Finished a practice round there today so I feel well prepared I just have to relax and execute!
If I do well this week I'll be playing a full schedule this year in attempt to place top 10 and earn my LPGA tour card. FUN!
I'm having a great time, staying with a good friend who is also playing in the event and we were lucky enough to have some fun while we're out here. We joined up with a few friends and checked out Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios last night! Sooo Scary but SOOO much fun!! :)
I like Florida! Hope the course will like me tmrw and give me all the good bounces!

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